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Advisory Program

We provide a formal program of advisory services to clients’ wishing to improve shareholder value.  Our program combines a mix of advisory, mentoring and coaching.

We find that even the most experienced business owners value the fresh perspective and deep experience we deliver.

Our approach blends two competencies that deliver strong value.

The first is our leadership experience.  Having led and developed various successful global companies at the ‘coal face’, we understand the levers that increase shareholder value.

The second is our commercial expertise gained from handling numerous M&A transactions.  Having been involved in numerous buy- and sell-side deals, we have a fundamental understanding of value from a market-perspective.

1. Leadership experience

Our MD, Justin Levine, has over two decades experience of having successfully developed numerous companies across the UK, Europe, USA and China. Having led manufacturing and technology companies with revenues from £3M to over £100M, he successfully handled various acquisitions, divestments and carve outs as well as leading a number of companies through periods of strong organic growth.

His experience was honed through several ‘turn-around’ projects taking three companies from the brink of failure through to recovery, growth and in two cases, successful exits.

Having experienced the practicalities of leading various organisations through change-programmes, our MD lends a seasoned perspective to business owners wishing to improve results.

2. M&A experience

The ultimate test of a company value is when it is acquired by a buyer. If the sales process is handled well, a successful exit should deliver a true market valuation.

We have successfully handled numerous M&A transactions, ranging from hostile takeovers through to carve-outs and full exits.  We have a strong understanding of how buyers set about valuing potential acquisitions.

This experience enables us to provide a rounded perspective to our clients’, especially for those wishing to prepare their business for an eventual exit.

Our Advisory Programs frequently commence after we have completed a Strategy Blueprint©. This provides the ideal foundation on setting out ‘where the company is’ and ‘where it needs to get to.’

Our program combines a unique mix of advisory, mentoring and coaching.  We engage with each client as much or as little is required. But typically, this is one day per month, usually for at least twelve months.

Our focus is to help our clients’ deliver a quantum change in results, quickly and without damaging the existing business value. We have an outstanding record of delivering value.

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